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You have a sketch

Coming soon! We are still working on new filters to convert sketches into lines. For the time being, some approximations can be obtained with the filters for pictures above

You are a coder

If you are familiar with coding, you can also use other online resources to convert images into .svg files and then Upload the svg file onto your app and send it to your wall (see links below for online resources). Also, if you have an exciting new algorithm that you would like to share with the Scribit community, do send it to us at drawings@scribit.design and we will be delighted to explore how it could be included it in the online converter.

You are a marker connoisseur

An important part of how an image will look depends on the interaction between the wall surface and the markers that you use. Here is what you need to know:

Scribit Plaster Markers

Available in 8 different colors, such markers contain a special thermo sensitive ink that can be erased automatically with the erasing pod on Scribit’s back. These markers can work anywhere, although the most suitable wall-paint is washable and smooth: the level of brightness is fair.

Whiteboard Markers

Available in 4 different colors, dry-erase markers only work on dry-erase paint, the whiteboard-like paint that can be white or transparent. In this case drawings need to be erased by hand because Scribit can’t perform this process automatically. The brightness of the colors is very high.

Glass Markers

Glass is one of Scribit favorite’s surface: the Scribit Glass markers slide perfectly on this transparent surface and allow you to have double-sided communication. With the right lighting set, these colors can be very bright. Please mind their visibility improves when they dry after some minutes. Available in 8 colors.

Other Markers

The world out there is full of colors and different types of markers: as long as they are between 0.4inches (10mm) and 0.6inches (15mm) long in diameter, you can use them with Scribit.